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Toddlers 1.5 - 3 years

Toddling is a stage of kids from infancy to childhood which is an important transformation. It’s the first step in school where the child learns to move around independently, express its needs and learns sharing, caring and many more things. The child learns to adjust to a second home at our school.

Nursery 3 -4 years

Nursery age is a stage where we mould a child from different backgrounds into a future social being. The child develops cognitive skills, learns to use its sensory skills and also communicates with the outer world. They are trained to become independent in terms of their personal care, eating, sleeping and so on.

LKG 4 - 5 years

The lower Kg program is designed to trigger the young brains for their mathematical and scientific skills. The child enters in to the realm of speech and communication.

UKG 5 - 6 years

In the Upper Kg, the child becomes responsible for their behaviour and mannerisms. Apart from Academic skills, they are prepped up to gain access to the social world.

Day Care


A childcare program catering to children upto 10 years of age with flexible time durations, the day care program is a perfect solution for parents.

Well Researched Curriculum for a

Strong Foundation

  • Positive, Trust- Filled and Welcoming school Culture.

  • Innovative child-focused programs.

  • Quality Early Childhood Development and Opportunities

  • New Age Montessori Education

  • Interactive Digital Learning

  • Extra Curricular activities

  • Expanded Learning and Enrichment Opportunities.

  • Multiple Intelligence

  • Bloom’s Taxonomy

Extra Curricular


  • All About Me

  • Festival Celebrations

  • Fun Activities

  • Pretend Plays      

  • Talent Sparkies Show

  • Theme Based Activities

  • Skill Expo

  • Biz Activities (Field Trip)

  • Sports Galore

  • Red Cherries Cultural Day

  • Summer Camp

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