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About Us


A new venture with a team of experienced and enthusiastic trainers in the field of Early Childhood Education.  We are ready to open our wings and fly higher with  new thoughts and values to celebrate education to the new generation and establish trust with the parents. We are constantly churning the wheels to invent, learn and impart the best education, values and culture with a DIFFERENCE!

Come Join US!

Our Vision
We aspire to  become a premier educational unit recognized for its diversity and known for excellence in  learning and work to achieve it through our own daily experiences and through the skills we are developing ourselves. We strive to meet the needs of every individual child. Children need to feel loved and cared for with respect. By providing this and an environment conducive to learning, children will become loving, compassionate, respectful human beings with a desire and love for learning and social being.
Our Philosophy

vidyā viniyogāt vikāsaḥ / विद्या विनियोगात् विकासः Progress comes from proper application of knowledge.

We don’t Consider- but we know that every child is unique, smart and talented in their own way. Our philosophy is not to impart education alone- but to make education a fun way to learn and help these new saplings to adapt and WIN in any given situation  through proper application of knowledge.

The best is not what we see - the best is what we can do and higher than is what we think we are capable of.

At Red Cherries, children experience an enriched Montessori approach under the guidance of experienced and passionate teachers. The program is individualized, recognizing each child's unique pattern of growth, talent and need. Red Cherries will operate with the principles, objectives and methods laid down by the late Dr. Maria Montessori, the originator of the Montessori school of thought.

At Red Cherries, teachers help children acquire the attitudes, skills, and habits necessary for them to function as creative members of a democratic society. Students are provided a stable and secure environment in which to learn and grow. We utilize children's natural curiosity to help them discover the joy of learning. Our children develop inner-discipline, that is to say, to develop control over their own behavior. Our teachers help children become mature, self-reliant, and responsible individuals.

Why We are Different

Every aspect of our program is designed to help each child reach towards his/her true potential. We have consistently found that children are far brighter and capable than they are allowed to be. Every child is waiting to be discovered then allowed to learn at a speed matched to that particular child. An Individual program is therefore an ideal that allows each child to flourish, rather than just a few. Our program includes a Quality Control Division. If a students runs into a bit of difficulty they get the 'one on one' needed to help them get quickly back on track. We team up with the family when needed as well. Overall, we are always shooting for the stars;


The result: enthusiasm, happiness, confidence and competence.

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